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Pooled Employer Plans

Retirement plans the way they were meant to be:
easier, more efficient, and reduced fiduciary responsibilities.

Retirement Plan Headaches? Here's How a PEP Can Help Your Business Thrive:

Streamline Operations

Offload 401(k) administration to PEP to save time and resources.

Reduce Fiduciary Exposure

Reduce potential legal liabilities associated with plan oversight.

Enhance Talent Acquisition

Offer a competitive retirement benefit to attract and retain top performers.

Simplify Audit Process
(plans with 100+ accounts):

Reduce costs, time, and resources.

Optimize Investment Costs

PEP's pooled assets may lead to lower investment fees for you and your employees.

Business Meeting

The common issues we always hear from clients.

  • I spend too much time on the 401(k).

  • I'm not a 401(k) expert.

  • What notices am I supposed to send out and when?

  • I'm afraid that I'm going to make a costly mistake.

  • This is too much and keeps me from more important work.

  • I have no idea what a good 401(k) investment menu looks like.

  • Do we have the right number and types of investment funds?

  • What's my liability if an employee doesn't like a fund?

  • I don't know if our fees are high or low.

  • How do our plan fees stack up?

How We Can Help

Partner with us to navigate the world of Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs). We'll work closely with you to understand your company's unique needs and identify the PEP option that best fits your goals.

PEP Advantage #1

Reduce your day-to-day workload.

Without a PEP:

HR Burden​:
Your team manages paperwork, compliance, and potentially audits.

Enrollment Complexity:
You may need to manage a wider range of investment options and employee questions.

Mulitple Invoices:
Reconciling bills from plan providers can be time-consuming.


With a PEP:

Reduced Admin:
PEP handles recordkeeping, compliance, and audits.​

Simplified Enrollment:
Streamlined investment options and a single point of contact for employees.

Consolidated Billing:
Receive one bill for the entire plan.

PEP Advantage #2

Minimize Your Ongoing
Investment Responsibilities

Without a PEP:

Investment Selection:
You choose and monitor investment options, potentially requiring financial expertise.

Fiduciary Responsibility:
You bear greater fiduciary risk for plan investments.


With a PEP:

Expert Management:
The PEP provider oversees plan investments.

Reduced Fiduciary Risk:
PEP assumes some fiduciary responsibility.

PEP Advantage #3 (for plans in audit):

Group Pricing Benefits

Without a PEP:

Auditor Costs

Annual Administrative Work to prepare for audit


With a PEP:

Dramatically reduced audit costs — typically covered in annual fees.

PEP administrator does the majority of audit preparationa.


Ready to Get Started?

Interested in learning more about Pooled Employer Plans and how they can tranform your business's approach to retirement planning. Schedule a consultation with us today to get started.

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