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Business Stages

Managing the stages of your growing business takes careful planning. Risk Management, Succession Planning, Personal Protection Planning, and Employee Benefits all play a role in managing your business. Through our goal setting and assessment process, we provide you guide and education through these issues.

Start-Up Stage

  • Create a cash reserve

  • Develop a transition plan in the event of an untimely death or disability of owner(s).

  • Protect owner’s income and provide for family’s long-term needs.

  • Start personal retirement planning and implement an employer sponsored retirement plan.

  • Provide employee benefits.


Growth Stage

  • Protect key employees

  • Protect cash flow

  • Create a strong management team

  • Determine value of business.

  • Reconfirm and update protection plan of owner(s)

  • Review personal retirement plan and family income needs.

  • Develop personal estate plan

  • Income tax planning.

  • Maximize company retirement plan.

  • Explore selective benefits for top performers.

Growth Stage

Maturity Stage

  • Update and review business value

  • Review and update buy-sell agreements

  • Develop a long-term transition plan strategy

  • Review personal planning: estate tax planning, update retirement planning strategy, review estate plan

  • Review existing benefit plans

  • Implement retirement/incentive programs to retain key employees

  • Continue to take advantage of company sponsored retirement plans.

Maturity Stage

Transfer Stage

  • Transfer business protection to new owners

  • Execute transition strategy

  • Implement personal retirement strategy and income streams.

  • Review owner’s estate planning strategies including legacy and charitable planning.

  • Transition plan for employee benefits. 

Transfer Stage
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