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Our Approach

Advising clients for 25 plus years, we understand that business owners and individuals know they should have a financial, estate, and succession plan.


They are not sure where to start, who to hire, if it will be too complicated, or if the advice will be in their best interest. Our experience has taught us that planning does not have to be complicated. It is our goal to simplify this process.

Our clients come to us with the following problems to solve:

  • How do I make sure my family and business are financially secure?

  • How do I retire comfortably and with dignity?

  • How will I pay for my children’s education?

  • How do I pass my business on to the next generation?

  • If I die prematurely, will my family and business be taken care of?

  • Will I have enough income if I am too sick to work?

  • How do I make sure I am saving enough money and not paying too much in taxes?

It is our mission to take these issues to heart and help each one of our clients find solutions. To get started…

  • Schedule a brief introductory call to learn about your situation and hear about our planning process.

  • Meet to discuss your goals and current plans in place. With this information we will develop an analysis and outline a plan of action.

  • Our next meeting will be to review the results of the analysis and implementation time-line.  The goal for the plan is to have manageable action steps and guide you through implementation.

  • We will set a schedule to review and track progress of your plan. We meet at least annually and have discussions throughout the year to answer questions on your plan and other financial concerns.

Kristina O'Reilly speaking with a client
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