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Corporate Retirement Planning


Interested in Pooled Employer Plans?

Retirement plans the way they were meant to be: easier, more efficient, and reduced fiduciary responsibilities.

Our Role as Your Plan Advisor

  • We will keep you informed and help simplify the management of your retirement plan

  • We are here to help solve problems quickly and efficiently

  • We will help participants understand the plan in SIMPLE terms and help them view the plan as an opportunity to provide long term financial security. 

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How We Are Different

Independence: What it Means for You

We have the flexibility to with work with any 401(k) or 403(b) provider and have no incentives to partner with any particular company.  Our services are focused on your best interests and those of your employees.

  • We take an objective viewpoint when advising you on your plan when choosing a vendor and investment options.

  • A fully transparent fee structure

Expertise: Specialized Designations That Benefit You. We’re committed to standards of investment fiduciary excellence.

  • Accredited Investment Fiduciary® Designee: The leading designation for investment fiduciaries for both individuals and retirement plans

  • CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™: CFP™ professionals have met rigorous professional standards and have agreed to adhere to the principles of integrity, competence, fairness, confidentiality, professionalism, and diligence when dealing with clients.

How We Work With You

We are dedicated to:

  • Helping companies, owners and their employees figure out how to use their retirement plan to save as much money as possible.

  • Reviewing your plan to make sure it optimizes saving options.

  • Advising you on all the rules and annual changes for company retirement plans.

  • Offering advice and education for your employees to accumulate savings and get ready for retirement.

  • Serving as your contact with your 401(k) providers and help solve ongoing issues.

  • Working with you to develop the process and documentation to manage the fiduciary responsibilities of having a company retirement plan.

Helping Your Employees Make Better Decisions

We provide advice and education to help your employees understand the plan rules and investment options, guide them through the enrollment process, promote the benefit of having savings plan, and help them feel confident about the decisions they are making toward their retirement savings.

  • Employee education meetings that are simple to understand but impactful.

  • Annual planning for employee education that include:

    • Group meetings for plan updates and enrollment.

    • Individual consultation sessions.

    • Webinars for plan updates and general financial topics.

    • Emails updates with savings and financial ideas.

  • Educatation on how to best use the plan’s website and phone apps.

  • Ongoing assessment to track progress and measure results for employee engagement.

Plan Designed to Maximize Opportunities

We'll help you design a plan that can streamline your administrative responsibilities, maximize savings opportunities, and promote employee satisfaction.

Plan Design

  • Employer contribution modeling and analysis.

  • Review of plan eligibility and distribution provisions.

  • Optimal use of “safe harbors,” such as 404( c) and default investments options.

  • Compliance with legislative and regulatory changes.

Vendor Management and Due Diligence

Ongoing fee benchmarking and analysis against other vendors and plan.

Vendor search services, including:

  • Gathering responses, data, and pricing from several plan vendors.

  • Analyzing costs services, and investment choices

  • Facilitating finalist meetings.

Helping Maximize Your Fiduciary Protection

As a plan sponsor you are required to act in the best interest of plan participants.  This fiduciary responsibility takes careful documentation and review.  As an advisor we stand beside you to help manage the risks and keep you up to date with the changing retirement plan landscape.

  • Serve as a named co-fiduciary to the plan – limited and full scope.

  • Formalize investment committee protocols.

  • Conduct ongoing fiduciary reviews.

  • Manage a fiduciary audit file.

  • Provide guidance on regulatory changes.

Putting Our Investment Expertise to Work for You

We follow a documented process to review investment offerings aimed at enhancing investment outcomes. 

Investment Policy Statement (IPS): This document provides a guideline to establish for choosing and making the changes to the investment line-up.

Investment Analysis and Selection: Evaluate investment options and recommend a balanced lineup that offers  broad choices across asset classes.

Ongoing Assessment and Review: Quarterly investment benchmarking reports that measures against an established criteria consistent with the objectives outlined in the IPS.

Benchmark: Compare the plan and services provided to industry averages to identify areas for enhancement.

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