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Foundational Financial Planning

Developing a solid financial foundation takes time and discipline and yes, knowledge. You may have some of the basics figured out – learned from your parents, through school, talking to your peers, or doing your own research.

Foundational Financial planning starts with the basics:

  • Debt management

  • How much to have in an emergency savings account 

  • Cash flow and expense management

  • Understanding the basics of investing. 

  • Best way to save for retirement.

  • When to purchase a home and type of mortgage.


Financial Advice for Teens 

We can help you learn how to better plan for your future.


Financial Resources for Millenials

With our financial guides, you can learn how to create goals for your future.


Financial Planning for Parents

Learn Nine Steps to raising money-smart children.

Through WPR’s Financial Foundation program, we provide educational resources and the basic knowledge of how to get started on a plan. In addition we provide resources to parents to help their kids be smart about money. 

Our Financial Foundation planning service for those who need to get started with a plan.  We cover the basics of cash flow management, debt management, building an emergency funds, strategies for your 401(k) and IRA savings, and getting started in investing.

To get started:

  • Schedule an introductory call to learn about your goals

  • Gather your financial information 

  • Provide a plan of action

Or call us: 781.547.5620

Below are some examples of planning advice we give:

  • Assist in developing a budget and analyzing cash flow needs. We provide you with a detailed spreadsheet to help build your cash flow plan. 

  • Best strategy to build up an emergency fund. 

  • Basics of investing on best way to save for the long term

  • Help you understand the different ways to save for your retirement: 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Roth-IRA – and how much to save to set yourself up for the future. 

  • When is the right time to buy your first home and how much to save for a down payment.

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